The Unmatched Quality of Brand-Man Grills
outdoor pizza oven


The Unmatched Quality of Brand-Man Grills
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Brand-Man Grill Covers

Custom made to fit YOUR Brand-Man Grill.

Heavy Duty fade free, weather & water-resistant fabric.
Dual lined for long life.
Heavy duty weather resistant internal stitching on all seams.
Drawstring to keep the cover on even in windy / stormy conditions.

Protect your Brand-Man grill for years with these custom-made covers.

Custom made Heavy Duty, Weather and Water-resistant covers provide excellent protection for your Brand-Man grill and will not only keep the grill in great shape for years but will look stylish in your backyard when the grill is not in use.

The Rustler 6

The Rustler 4

The Rodeo

The Bronco

Water & Weather Resistant

Internal Stitching on All Seams

Drawstring Closure

Brand-Man Grills Pizza Stone / Heat Deflector Stone for Rodeo Steel Kamado

This 15″ Cordite stone is perfect for making a crispy pizza crust and breads or use it as a heat deflection stone for indirect cooking. Designed to handle the high heat generated by the Brand-Man Rodeo Steel Kamado Charcoal Grill and provide the options that Kamado grillers need and want

  • 15″ Cordite Pizza Stone
  • Perfect for Pizza, Breads, Calzones and anything that needs a crispy crust
  • Heat deflection for indirect cooking
  • High temperature rated to handle the heat of charcoal
  • Brand-Man Rodeo Steel Kamado Accessory
  • Easy clean up and maintenance 

Brand-Man Grills Trivet for Rodeo Steel Kamado – Chrome Plated Steel

This 17” chrome plated steel TRIVET is designed to be used inside the fire bowl on the Rodeo Steel Kamado by Brand-Man Grills. This fits on the three (3) tabs inside the fire bowl and can be used to hold the heat deflector stone, an aluminum pan with liquid or any other device you’d like to help with indirect cooking.

  • 17” Trivet for the Rodeo Steel Kamado
  • Chrome plated steel
  • Fits on the three (3) tabs perfectly
  • Allows easy “indirect cooking” options
  • Brand-Man Rodeo Steel Kamado Accessory

Brand-Man Makes Your Party Happen

Designed with a bold, streamlined style and advanced features, Brand-Man grills are redefining expectations. Ruggedly built, easy to clean and staking out a strong new aesthetic, they are setting a new standard for precision and style.

Brand-Man Is A Cut Above

Creating innovative products while honoring tradition, Brand-Man merges rugged construction, artful design and reliable performance, we expect more from the grill than burgers and dogs. Anything you dare to grill, Brand-Man will be there to help you make your mark.

Brand-Man Takes It Up A Notch

Innovation, versatility and a strong aesthetic statement position our gas grills are in a class of their own. Designed with bold style and advanced features, these grills keep all of the Brand-Man swagger in a more compact package that is perfect for balconies, smaller spaces or simply for those who prefer a smaller grill.

Brand-Man Knocks It Out Of The Park

Brand-Man Grills are designed to offer authentic charcoal flavor with the convenience of gas ignition bundled into a solid and stylish package. The real bonus is the easy gas charcoal lighting or complete gas-only cooking. From searing direct-fire grilling to an all-day low and slow smoke, to roasting as an outdoor gas oven, Brand-Man Grills can do it all.

Brand-Man Is Where Grilling Begins

Expand your capabilities with The Brand-Man Grill Charcoal Series. Airflow and insulation is the priority with this type of grill and the Oval Series is designed for maximum flow control in a solid and stylish double skinned, steel package. From raging direct-fire grilling to an all-day low and slow smoking, the Oval has got it covered.